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Charles F Goldie $416,000 Top Price for 2014 (Oct 29)

Charles F Goldie $416,000 Top Price for 2014 (Oct 29)

George Baloghy $5,100 26 November

George Baloghy $5,100 26 November

First 2015 Auction


Wednesday 25 February 2015

Including the John Perry Collection of 20th Century New Zealand Landscape Paintings.

Catalogue in preparation. Further details soon

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

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With an unmatched clearance rate, numerous auction records and 5 paintings in the top 10 prices, International Art Centre were clear market leaders in 2014.

International Art Centre is currently accepting entries for this, our first Important, Early & Rare catalogue for 2015. Early indications suggest this will be a significant sale given the entries to date. Consign Today.

The sale includes some rare exciting highlights including:

  • Horace Moore-Jones 'Simpson & His Donkey' 1915 A highly important, iconic & nationally significant Gallipoli watercolour on the market in 2015, one hundred years since it was painted.

  • Charles F Goldie - a delightful Maori portrait

  • Two rare Raymond McIntyre

  • Three major Edward Bullmore from the recent exhibition - held in a private collection since their purchase at

  • Buck Nin - the artist's finest masterpiece

  • Two Peter Siddell

  • Felix Kelly

  • Two Frances Hodgkins

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Contemporary & Modern Art

Held Wednesday 26 November


Some highlights include:

  • Lot 2 Baloghy $5,100 hammer

  • Lot 5 Killeen $3,000

  • Lot 6 Scott $3,100

  • Lot 18 Pardington $4,400

  • Lot 20 Baloghy $8,250

  • Lot 22 Good $6,100

  • Lot 24 Hotere $25,000

  • Lot 25 Hick $10,000

  • Lot 28 Baird $2,300

  • Lot 29 Waddell $1,300

  • Lot 48 Petre $4,600

More results to come - overall a good night for sellers and buyers

The final auction of 2014, International Art Centre's Contemporary & Modern Art sale sees multiple opportunities to acquire lesser priced works, big opportunities for new collectors, existing clients or those looking for an alternative to our more higher valued Important, Early & Rare auctions.

Highlights include:

  • Ralph Hotere (2)

  • Fiona Pardington (2)

  • Roy Good (2)

  • Three Dilana rugs

  • Tama Iti, Andrew McCleod, Tony De Latour

  • Peter Siddell, Sylvia Siddell, George Baloghy, Nigel Brown, Michael Smither, Allen Maddox

  • Don Binney, Bill Hammond, Dick Frizzell

  • Richard Killeen, Robyn Kahukiwa, Kingsley Baird, Callum Arnold, Darryn George, Philip Trusttum

  • Five etchings by Grahame Sydney, two George Baloghy

  • Further moderns by John Weeks, Tom Esplin, Ida Eise, James Turkington, Maurice Brooks, Gary Waldrum, Pat Hanly

  • A major work by Jacqueline Hick (Australian)

  • Many others, a large offering and well worth the look, some great gift ideas!

Catalogue available 13 November.


19th & 20th Century New Zealand Paintings and Contemporary Art

Held Wednesday 29 October 2014


New Zealand Herald Goldie Paintings fetch $900,000

'A Frisson of Excitement' Paul Henry on the Paul Henry Paul Henry Show TV3

'I like Goldies, they were lovely those ones' - Prime Minster Mr John Key as quoted on the Paul Henry show Goldie fetches season high

Some highlights achieved in last nights auction:

  • Lot 1 Siddell $6566

  • Lot 2 Stichbury $6700

  • Lot 13 Hotere $18,170

  • Lot 15 Siddell $4,983

  • Lot 22 Karl Maughan $35,175

  • Lot 23 Philip Clairmont $51,590

  • Lot 25 Pankhurst $11,725

  • Lot 27 Woollaston $32,830

  • Lot 29 Ian Scott $11,256

  • Lot 35 C F Goldie Thoughts of a Tohunga $416,000

  • Lot 36 $14,656

  • Lot 41 C F Goldie Kapi Kapi $205,000

  • Lot 46 C F Goldie Kapi Kapi $257.950

  • Lot 76 Badcock $7,600

Prices include premium

More results soon. A truly exceptional result for International Art Centre, buyers ands sellers

Selling? Contact Richard Thomson Mobile 0274 751071

Selected works from the Fletcher Trust Collection

Held Wednesday 10 September

Record $103,180 for Ramond McIntyre Self Portrait

We are pleased to announce a 94% selling rate for this auction (incl. post auction negotiation). 73 of the 77 works have found new homes. Good strong bidding across the board- The highest percentage of sales in recent times. Buyers, the Fletcher Trust and International Art Centre are delighted! Thanks to all those involved. Three new auction records achieved for Rhona Haszard, John Holmwood & Raymond McIntyre

Some highlights include: (incl. premium)

  • Lot 14 Holmwood - $20,500

  • Lot 17 Raymond McIntyre - $103,000

  • Lot 16 Rhona Haszard - $32,800

  • Lot 20 Pat Hanly - $52,700

  • Lot 26 Michael Smiither - $86,700

  • Lot 32 Woollaston - $29,300

  • Lot 33 Philp Clairmont - $41,000

  • Lot 35 Melvin Day - $10,500

  • Lot 45 Sharpe - $31,000

  • Lot 47 Hoyte - $32,200

  • Lot 57 Robert Ellis - $9,900


Photo Album

National Business Review Article Here

New Zealand Herald Article Here

Catalogue available in print. Order catalogue now $15.00 incl postage within New Zealand - Toll free 0800 800 322

Eileen Mayo fetched a record  $55,600 August 2014

Eileen Mayo fetched a record $55,600 August 2014

Our experienced and dedicated team are available to discuss inclusion of artworks in forthcoming auctions. We understand the importance of pre-sale marketing and personal customer service. Our catalogues are produced to the highest standard. Because we sell art and only art, vendors are assured of excellent service with full commitment to their requirements.

Seeking works by:
19th & 20th Century & Contemporary NZ artists: Rita Angus, Douglas Badcock, W G Baker, Frank Barnes, Leo Bensemann, Charles Blomfield, Don Binney, Helen Brown, Nigel Brown, Philip Clairmont, Nicholas Chevalier, Raymond Ching, Shane Cotton, Vera Cummings, Arthur Dagley, A A Deans, Tom Esplin, Patricia France, Edward Fristrom, Dick Frizzell, Tony Fomison, John Gibb, William Menzies Gibb, Charles F Goldie, John Haley, Pat Hanly, Jeffrey Harris, Rhona Haszard, J C Hoyte, Louise Henderson, Frances Hodgkins, Ralph Hotere, Frederick Hundertwasser, Felix Kelly, Doris Lusk, Eilleen Mayo, Douglas MacDiarmid, Peter McIntyre, Raymond McIntyre, Charles McPhee, Colin McCahon, Trevor Moffitt, Harry V Miller, Buck Nin, Michael Smither, Bill Hammond, Michael Illingworth, Evelyn Page, Alan Pearson, Milan Mrkusich, James McLaughlan Nairn, Cedric Savage, Peter Siddell, Olivia Spencer Bower, Margaret Stoddart, Grahame Sydney, Garth Tapper, E Mervyn Taylor, Sydney Thompson, Charles and John Tole, Petrus van der Velden, Gordon Walters, John Weeks, Colin Wheeler, Robin White, C N Worsley, Adele Younghusband, 19th Century British & European paintings. Maori and NZ Folk art, early documents relating to New Zealand's Heritage, rare maps. New Zealand Art @ Auction.

FREE Authentication and valuation, advice on reserves, all aspects of sending and presenting paintings for sale by auction. Have your painting sold by the experts who make the records and have the art markets confidence. Because of our policy of accepting a limited number of works for each auction, sellers are advised to enter early to ensure acceptance.

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