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Don Binney 'Kairara Kaka Variant ' 1982

Don Binney 'Kairara Kaka Variant ' 1982

Gretchen Albrecht 'Balance' 1974

Gretchen Albrecht 'Balance' 1974

Evelyn Page, Seated Nude 1962 Oil 60 x 75cm

Evelyn Page, Seated Nude 1962 Oil 60 x 75cm


11 November 2015

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A fine catalogue in preparation, this on the back of our $2million July catalogue. Highlights include:

  • Evelyn Page nude, 1962 from the Estate of Sylvia Ashton Warner

  • Don Binney oil Kairara Kaka Variant 'Bird over Little Barrier' together with a classic Robert Ellis Motorway from 1964

  • A well provenance and first time on the market Russell Clark oil from a Christchurch collection.

  • A major work by Bill Hammond - the largest and best example even seen at International Art Centre

  • A Collection of works by Garth Tapper

  • Tony Fomison oil on the market for the first time since 1987

  • Three Gretchen Albrecht - Top examples of the artist's practice including what is most probably the largest example seen at auction

  • An extraordinary offering of Sir William Fox watercolours from the Wilkie Collection.

  • The best collection of Peter McIntyre (1910 -1995) paintings ever seen at auction including some of his Rangitikei landscapes together with major King Country Mustering paintings all from one collection

  • A private collection of historic New Zealand watercolours by C D Barraud, George O'Brien, J C Hoyte and others together with a fine pair of Ernest Buckmaster.

  • An estate from Wellington that includes a fine Sydney Lough Thompson, Archibald Nicoll & S Lamorna Birch & others

  • Significant Contemporary works by John Reynolds and Richard Killeen along with important photographs from a major New Zealand Collection.

International Art Centre's Important & Rare auctions are the premier sale category of the New Zealand Art Market. Attracting a global audience, achieving 50% of the top ten auction prices for 2014 and the top two prices for 2015 to date. proof indeed that Experience Equals Results. These sales are widely advertised and highly anticipated by collectors of New Zealand art globally.

July's Important & Rare exceeded $2million in sales and an 87% clearance rate easily making it the highest grossing sale of the year to date. Included in that sale were the two top prices paid at auction in 2015 to date - $492,500 for Horace Moore-Jones and $375,200 for Frances Hodgkins, the second highest auction price for a work by the artist.

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International Art Centre invites consignments for this, our final auction of 2015. The sale already includes works by Robin White, Helen Brown, Geoff Tune and others. Exact date to be advised.

2 December 2015

Consign Today Phone +64 9 379 4010 or email


Held Wednesday 22 July


Sale result now over $2million including post auction sales of the Max Gimblett 'Dionysus' and Evelyn Page 'Salzburg'. Top price was the record $492,450 incl. BP for Horace Moore-Jones, nearly doubling the March 2015 record of $257,000 set at International Art Centre in March

Frances Hodgkins Monastery Steps made $320,000 plus premium ($375,200), the third highest price for Hodgkins at auction and the second highest price for a painting at auction in for 2015 (NZ).

The sale total of over $1.9million secures the sale result as the highest for 2015 to date with a clearance rate of 87% including post sale negotiation.

Another significant sale includes A Lois White's 'Weeping Women' which fetched an all new auction record of $67,500, or $79,140 including premium. It is just $500 more than the previous record of $67,000 in 2009. Full results available soon

3 News Coverage here: Moore-Jones Sells

NZ Herald: Iconic Gallipoli painting sold for nearly $500,000

Another exceptional price was Frances Hodgkins Monastery Steps which made $375,200 including buyers premium. This is the third highest price ever for a Frances Hodgkins at auction and is the highest price in 10 years.

A lovely Goldie titled 'Past & Present' made $199,325

A large crowd was in attendance with strong prices across all genres.

NZ Herald: Legendary Gallipoli painting expected to fetch $500k

TVNZ One News: Private collector might buy NZ's most famous wartime painting for $500k

Viewing daily from Wednesday 15 July at International Art Centre, 272 Parnell Road, Auckland

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Held 12 August

Our auctions are building momentum with 12 August result being no exception - this on the back of our $2million July sale. Consistent bidding duels were seen across the catalogue with full results available soon.

Some highlights include (hammer price)

  • Lot 2 Pick $3,500

  • Lot 3 Dashper $5,500

  • Lot 11 Pick $5,500

  • Lot 22 Hughes $2700

  • Lot 24 Hemer $4,000

  • Lot 27 Frizzell $9,500

  • Lot 31 Siddell $3,150

  • Lot 41 Petre $12,000

  • Lot 60 Smither $1,700

  • Lot 81 Karaka $7,250

  • Lot 171 Wilson $2,800


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Held Wednesday 27 May 2015


The Barry Pilcher Art Auction was a great success for Barry Pilcher, the buyers and of course us at International Art Centre. A big thank you to the artist's for their support and assistance with catalogue. One of the highlights of the sale was the record auction price for Heather Straka 'St Sebastian' which fetched $21,690 including buyers premium but more importantly a clearance rate of over 80%

Other highlights included: ( Hammer price)

  • Lot 1 Kushan Bush $4,750

  • Lot 2 Sam Mitchell $3,400

  • Lot 4 Kelcy Taratoa $3,700

  • Lot 5 Harry Watson $3,750

  • Lot 7 Karl Maughan $10,300

  • Lot 10 Judy Millar $7,350 hammer price

  • Lot 15 Seraphine Pick $2,200

  • Lot 16 Israel Birch $2,400

  • Lot 18 Heather Straka $18,500

  • Lot 22 Heather Straka $8,000

  • Lot 25 Sara Hughes $4,500

  • Lot 26 Sara Hughues $6,000

  • Lot 33 De Lautour $1,600

  • Lot 37 Wilkinson $1,600

  • Lot 41 Gavin Hurley $6,250

  • Lot 43 Shane Cotton $6,500

  • Lot 45 Paul Dibble $7,000

  • Lot 50 Bill Hammond $4,200

  • Lot 53 Shane Cotton $6,200

  • Lot 54 Sylvia Siddell $5,000

  • Lot 63 Liz Maw $4,250

  • Lot 70 Ans Westra $5,100

More results soon


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Held Thursday 7 May 2015

A well attended sale with some solid results, a 75% sell rate, including good prices paid for works by Robert Ellis, Max Gimblett, Nigel Brown, Michael Smither & others. Highlights include: (Hammer price)


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Held Wednesday 25 March

Six new auction records were set at this auction with sales exceeding $1.2 million, the highest for a mixed vendor sale so far in 2015. Top price was Horace Moore-Jones at $220,000 hammer ($257,950 including premium). Auction record prices were also paid for Buck Nin, D K Richmond, Walter Bowring, Tim Wilson & Piera McArthur


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