51. Christopher Aubrey
33 x 66 cm
Signed & dated 1882
est. $10,000 - 15,000
Fetched $11,000
Relative Size: Lumsden
Relative size

Lying in a valley, the historic railway town of Lumsden is a major junction halfway along the north-south road from Queenstown to Invercargill, where it is crossed by the east-west road from Gore to Te Anau. Lumsden also used to be a major railway junction with lines departing to all four points of the compass. The Kingston Branch from Invercargill ran north-south through the town, while to the west was the Mossburn Branch and to the east was the Waimea Plains Railway that connected with the Main South Line in Gore. Aubrey was known for his early depictions of both North and South Island settlements. He often swapped his works for lodgings.