Auction Catalogue 23 February, 2016

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Auction Catalogue

Auction was held 23 February, 2016

Collectable Art Held 23 February

The sale attracted a good crowd, busy telephones and numerous absentee bids via the website - it resulted in a selling rate of around 85% under hammer and sales by value exceeding 110%. A good start to the 2016 auction season. Top prices included $18,760 for work by Australian artist Hugh Sawrey with another work by the artist making $8,200. Lot 1 Peter Siddell exceeded estimate and made $8,200 also, with a print fetching $2,345. Richard Thomson auctioneer was quoted as saying 'this is an auctioneers dream' at one point when work after work was knocked down well above estimate. At one point we had 11 bids on a small Blomfield - whilst it made just $1,870 the sale was a Collectable Art Auction with estimates generally under $5,000 and most unreserved. There were minor examples by major artists - and the market for them last night was nothing short of extraordinary! These Collectable Art auctions are a welcome alternative for first time buyers or those on a limited budget. The McCahon print made $6,150 - we thought we should mention that given we have received numerous post auction enquiries for it. What a night. Sourced from our Facebook page