32. Mark Cross (b. 1955)
Nuances of Tides and Weather
Oil on canvas
83.5 x 121 cm
est. $10,000 - 15,000
Fetched $9,000
Relative Size: Nuances of Tides and Weather
Relative size

PROVENANCE Collection of the Artist and Pierre Peters Gallery

Having been associated with the Okahukura Peninsula on the Kaipara Harbour from infancy, a coastline that has informed my work for many years, this is the last painting I have done of that coastline. Over 50 years or more of freedom camping in various locations around the Tapora Coast, I have walked that whole foreshore assimilating the minutiae of its tidal flats, mangrove forests and estuaries through all manner of tides and weather conditions. This painting is based on a remote location Te Ngaio Point, on the southern side of the peninsula where we would camp in the 80's but is now only accessible by a lengthy trek so hopefully remains as pristine as it always was.

Mark Cross