Exporting Works of Art from New Zealand

The Antiques Act 1975 is concerned with regulating the domestic trade in Maori artifacts, and with the export of artifacts and other antiquities. Under the Act, permission is required from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage before any antiquity can be exported.

The Act effects -
Any work of art which:

  • relates to New Zealand
  • is more than 60 years old, and
  • is of national, historical, or artistic value or importance

As a general rule of thumb, anyone exporting works of art should apply for an export certificate from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage if the item is over 60 years or if the date is unknown.

Export applications can be processed in 2 - 3 days (if the item is obviously not an antiquity) to 2 - 4 weeks if expert opinions are needed. An image of the work of art may be requested.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

Export applications are available from International Art Centre or Ministry for Culture and Heritage
Ph. (04) 499 4229