11. James Watkins
Cubist Villa Inland
Oil on canvas
100 x 170 cm
Relative Size: Cubist Villa Inland
Relative size

This immensely impressive, large scale painting embodies many of the key elements associated with the work of James Watkins. Nestled within the heart of the painting we glimpse the artist's iconic Red Roof. Watkins keeps the home fires burning whilst surrounding his signature creation with a sophisticated array of cubist forms, both natural and man-made.

In this beautifully balanced tapestry of colour the eye is lead a merry dance. From faceted, soft green hills the eye descends to a valley of villas bathed in Yves Klein blue. Watkins gifts his viewer a painting of extreme brilliance …. one that invites us to re-visit time and again, for the sheer enjoyment of the ever changing visual journey.