From North To South

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From North To South

Simon Williams

17 - 24 August 2001

Simon Williams excels in this latest exhibition featuring 35 new oil paintings in triptych, diptych & single canvases. Responding to an ever increasing public demand, as well as his own personal artistic challenge, the artist creates and successfully captures the contrasts and uniqueness of our New Zealand landscapes.

Born in the heart of the South Island, and now living and painting in the great metropolis of Auckland City, Simon particularly enjoyed researching, sketching and preparing for 'From North to South'. This enthusiasm, coupled with a mastery of technique, composition and application of colour results in a superb offering. Subject matter is wide ranging and varied, from the well loved triptychs of Auckland's Harbour to large canvases of Southern splendour along with smaller more intimate family scenes.

An exhibition of excellence guaranteed to bring enjoyment. All measurements in centimetres.

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