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About Ion Brown

Ion Brown has finally relinquished the post of official artist to the New Zealand army, having completed 10 years and painting many impressive commissions. Recording New Zealand's military history with subjects ranging from Gallipoli through to New Zealand peace keeping forces in Bosnia. Ion has experienced at first hand what many artists could only dream of. Time came to move on and develop his painting in a more personal direction and today we find in Ion Brown a mature painter with greatly enhanced skills and the ability to unerringly get to the heart and soul of his wide repertoire of subjects.

His latest works are colourful, spontaneously fresh and as always carry his very own stamp of uplifting impressionistic and expressionistic style. These are enduring canvasses which will stand up well to changing fads and fashions, being well conceived, well painted 'Ion Brown' interpretations of the countryside, life and activities around us to which we can all relate.