Russell Hollings

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About Russell Hollings

Russell Hollings has been interested in painting from a very early age. He was educated in South Auckland and lived in Papakura. The surrounding countryside and coastal area provided him with just the right environment to practice his painting, with continued efforts painted outdoors. Hollings found the ability to work outdoors of utmost importance. He joined the Papakura Art Group where the encouragement and stimulation he received from the other artist members was just what he needed at that age.

Russell is mainly self taught, although received some tuition in still life painting in a class tutored by the late Ida Eise, OBE held at the Auckland Society of Arts in the 1970s.

In the artists words he states "My work is figurative and begins from observation, something 'seen', however I also work from memory and imagination. I begin with sketchbooks, working drawings, colour notes and small paintings that are executed in situ and which later form the basis from which the final works are completed. The process is long and reflective, and in many cases enhances my painterly technique of building up and layering paint. I find it important to do this as it gives me essential breathing space, time to step back and consider all the important issues concerned with picture making including the balance of shape, the proportion of colour, the judgement of tone and general overall composition. Mood, atmosphere, reflection of landscape and subtle distinctions are all significant factors within my thinking and working process as I endeavour to portray a greater sense of truth and honesty within my art." - Russell Hollings