Darcy Nicholas
Emerging Generations II
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 56 cm
Relative Size: Emerging Generations II
Relative size

"My grandchildren are raised in a world that my parents could never have anticipated. Every day they are exposed to new knowledge, new cultures and new experiences. They are of mixed blood and have ancestral origins that are spread across other world cultures. Although they are Maori they can never be their ancestors.

In Emerging Generations 2 the female on the right come from carvings I did for one of my home marae in Taranaki. I used these images to express how different our children are today but at the same time we teach them Maori culture and history and that is their connection to this land. My grand daughter Ruby has Maori, Scottish, English, Irish, French ancestry and probably a lot more that we do not know about. Connected to the past through ancestry, she is a true child of today." - Darcy Nicholas