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About Evelyn Page

Born in Christchurch, Evelyn Page attended Canterbury College School of Art from 1915 - 1922 under Cecil Kelly, Richard Wallwork and Leonard Booth.

She contributed to Art Society Exhibitions throughout the 1920?s. In 1923 she took lessons from Sydney Lough Thompson who referred to her as ?his best pupil?. After this period her paintings showed a more direct use of pure colour and freer use of brush stroke. In 1926 Evelyn Page began to exhibit her works as nudes - these were received with some controversy. The theme of female nudes posed in bright sunlight was continued however and in 1930 Pohutakawa Rina was painted showing a deal of impressionist influences.

In 1929 Page together with like minded artists in Canterbury formed ?The Group? in order to break away from the constraints of the Art Societies. She continued to exhibit with fellow members throughout the 1930?s - during that period she became a part - time instructor at the Canterbury College School of Art and painted industriously on her own account.

In 1937 she travelled to Europe and responded to the stimulus of both English and French artists but in particular Pierre Bonnard. Evelyn Page had constantly explored fresh ways to manipulate colour - a still life of fruit and flowers is rendered in the same fashion as a nude or portrait. Her works are exhibited in all the major galleries in New Zealand.