Brian Badcock - plein-air painter

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Brian Badcock - plein-air painter

Few painters have wedded nature and the human spirit as well as Brian Badcock.

Brian is a well known New Zealand painter who has earned international and national success. His richly coloured canvases capture the essence of his Marlborough environment, its land, sea, buildings, boats and gardens. Countless painting trips cover the breadth of New Zealand and Asia. The rusty Russian fishing boats of Lyttelton, the colourful streets of Wellington's Newtown, the moods of the Kaikoura Coast and Indian village life.

The winter months are spent in the studio painting large, richly pigmented compositions which explore spiritual dimensions. A constant experimenter with method and process, Brian produces work which is individual and fresh.

As he insists in living a simple life he spends most of his earnings aiding Christian projects in India making numerous trips there to oversee the projects he manages.

Badcock says 'On returning to New Zealand I set off for Mount Cook National Park, an environment I consider "home" a place I spent much time as a young boy on my father's many painting trips. With my small caravan packed at Glen Tanner Motor Camp and my four wheel drive parked with my painting gear I am able to paint "on site" It is a humbling experience standing in front of Mt Sefton towering up in front of you. Dad used to say to me "paint it as if you are climbing it." When finished and picked off the sand flies out of the wet paint I felt satisfied I had climbed my mountain. Packing my painting gear in the back of the truck I'm off to find my next painting subject for the next day. This winter I have done a number of paintings in the studio of abandoned houses which express the New Zealand which is disappearing'

Brian is the son of Kelliher award winning artist Douglas Badcock 1922-2009 who was also a plein-air painter.

These works by Marlrbough based Brian Badcock are for sale online only - if you have an interest in any of these pieces please contact us by email The works are not on display in our gallery.