2008 I.E.R. Auction Highlights

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2008 I.E.R. Auction Highlights

International Art Centre's Important, Early & Rare auctions have met with unparalleled interest and success, both here and off shore. A clear focus on quality New Zealand 19th & 20th Century New Zealand paintings along with carefully selected offerings of contemporary masterpieces has seen sales exceed $5 million dollars in three Important, Early & Rare sales in March, July & October 2008. An extensive database of committed investors and collectors, compiled over 40 years, enjoy published and online catalogues of the highest quality.

During economically challenging times, a worldwide trend to acquire tangible investments is clearly being seen in our salesroom. The enthusiasm of the market is supported by International Art Centre's focused, experienced and dedicated team, committed to the requirements of both buyers and sellers.

Now is the time to consign works to the March 2009 Important, Early & Rare auction.

International Art Centre led the New Zealand Art Auction Market in 2008 with consistent results. The results from 2008 speak for themselves. Contact Richard Thomson richard@artcntr.co.nz Phone +64 9 379-4010 or complete our online appraisal form here