77. Barry Lett
The Fair Isle
Oil on canvas board
63.5 x 67 cm

est. $3,800 - 4,800
Fetched $4,000
Relative Size: The Fair Isle
Relative size

Private Collection, Auckland

Barry Lett, 40 Years, The Pah homestead - TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre January - March 2017

Barry Lett, 40 Years
The Pah Homestead - TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre

This painting depicts a young man wearing a short sleeved Fair Isles sweater of my own design. The title is also a play on words and refers to the idea of the national identity. Not the identity of the Shetland Islands where this sweater's pattern originated, but the identity of our country. Are we a 'fair' isle? Is our society fair and just? Have we got our environmental concerns 'fairly' balanced? The expression of the young man indicates he has a good deal of doubt. Barry Lett, Barry Lett, 40 Years