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As New Zealand's most experienced and long standing fine art auction house, International Art Centre provides high industry standards in customer service, research and presentation, with consistently high clearance rates and outstanding results for Modern and Contemporary Ar. International Art Centre is unmatched in the field of historical New Zealand masterpieces. With a network of contacts globally, coupled with 50 years art market experience, live and internet bidding, we are able to deliver exceptional results across the board and international results for foreign pictures sourced locally.

Important & Rare Fine Art Auctions

Important & Rare auctions are the proven, pre-eminent sale category for major works of art offered for sale in New Zealand. These auctions take place three times annually. As we fast approach our 50th year in business, experience continues to equal results. 2014 saw Important & Rare auctions realise five of New Zealand's top ten auction prices. The following year saw new records set with the two top prices in Auckland achieved. With the addition of the record $1.175 million plus premium paid for a C F Goldie in April's 2016 sale, International Art Centre achieved the three highest art auction prices in New Zealand's history. Due to an appreciative, and greatly valued clientele of nationwide and international buyers and sellers we look forward to breaking new ground. Charles Frederick Goldie, Colin McCahon, Felix Kelly, Gottfried Lindauer and Frances Hodgkins are just some of the highlighted artist's we seek for these sales.

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Modern & Contemporary Art

Twice a year International Art Centre's sales of Modern and Contemporary art play an integral role in providing market access to the most sought-after artists many of whom have defined New Zealand's art narrative over the past 50 years. These sales present an exciting offering of both painting and sculpture by a range of our modern and contemporary greats. Spanning that vital period from the establishment of mid-century modernism through to the cutting edge of our national contemporary art discourse, this is an acclaimed and significant event in the auction calendar.

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Collectable Art

The buzz generated by International Art Centre's Collectable Art auctions reflects the popularity of this sale: an event at which seasoned connoisseurs and budding collectors alike converge to appreciate one of the most eclectic and diverse offerings available to the market. Because this auction specifically caters to the more affordable end of the market - generally presenting works valued at $5,000 and less (many of which are offered without reserve), this is an exciting opportunity to unearth some real treasures. The Collectable Art sale offers a number lower-priced works from highly-sought after artists in print and edition form, as well as quality works from artists whose presence on the secondary market is just beginning to crystallise.

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Private Collections: Single Owner Sales

From time to time, the secondary market is fortunate enough to be exposed to one of those rare collections which transcends the value of its individual works of art, and stands to represent something iconic in its entirety. International Art Centre is well-versed in the process of offering single-owner collections for sale, and take pride in the process of curating a single-owner sale when the opportunity arises. We offer a targeted marketing campaign and maximise the use of both electronic and print-based collateral to effectively showcase such collections to maximum effect. The strong networks which have been established by International Art Centre both locally and internationally are reflected in some of the private collections which have been entrusted to us in recent years, namely: the sale of the John Leech collection, Treasures from the Dame Kiri Te Kanawa Collection, the Spark Foundation Collection, and a selection of works from the Fletcher Trust Collection.


Here at International Art Centre our specialists boast a passion and connoisseurship for fine art. We are able to provide valuations of art works for insurance purposes, and specialise in the preparation of formally-catalogued and photographed inventories. Written valuations can be arranged by appointment, for a fee. Moreover, we are more than happy to provide an informal, verbal valuation for any of the works in your collection on a free, no-obligation basis. Arrangement of a prior appointment is recommended; house-calls and site visits can also be arranged within Auckland (and nation-wide, periodically).

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Private Treaty Sales

International Art Centre's decades of experience working with artists, vendors, collectors and institutions mean we possess a sound understanding of the best medium through which to present works to the auction market. For various reasons, you may consider it more appropriate or wish to sell an artwork privately, rather than presenting it publicly to the auction market. Guaranteeing confidence and discretion, International Art Centre's unparalleled and targeted access to a network of collectors means we are able to oversee the private sale of your work. For certain works, this has proven to be an especially effective method of sale; we encourage you to get in touch for an obligation-free discussion around the process and how we may best facilitate this.

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Artist Representation

Our dedication to the development of the modern and contemporary art market in New Zealand is strong, and as such extends to a gallery-based (primary market) representation of a select number of New Zealand and international artists whose work we are particularly passionate about and have chosen to exhibit. From time to time, we forge new collaborations with emerging and established artists; should you wish to make an appointment to share your work and discuss the possibility of representation by International Art Centre

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Client Requests

Whether you are a seasoned collector seeking a specific style within an artist's oeuvre or simply an art enthusiast looking to start engaging with the market, we understand that your needs, interests and criteria as a collector are unique. We maintain a broad global network and database of New Zealand and international paintings which puts us in an ideal position to assist in locating and securing works which align with your requirements. Get in touch now to discuss your collecting interests and ambitions with one of our fine art specialists.

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GST deductions for overseas purchases

GST of 15% can be deducted on goods purchased through our retail gallery. Some conditions apply and proof of export is required. GST can not be deducted on works purchased through our auction system.


The business of transporting art is one which necessitates a case-by-case analysis - there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to fine art logistics. Depending on the size, medium, condition and final destination of your artwork, we will work to come up with a custom-made (and, where necessary, in-house) solution to ensure your work is handled and transported with care and efficiency.

For all your freight requirements from works purchased in our gallery or at auction please contact James Watkins - james@artcntr.co.nz