Henryk Szydlowski - Pavilion of Dreams - Opening 22 July
Henryk Szydlowski - Pavilion of Dreams - Opening 22 July

Coming .... Henryk Szydlowski Exhibition | Pavilion of Dreams | 22 July

"I like to give people the opportunity to experience happiness whilst viewing my works". - Henryk Szydlowski

Celebrating 30 years of collaboration and friendship, International Art Centre is delighted to present this long-awaited, solo exhibition by Henry Szydlowski. Following graduation from Krakow's Academy of Fine Arts the artist left Poland for New Zealand. Embracing life here, Henryk taught at Whitecliff School of Art, developed a revolutionary printing technique which he named Polprint in honour of his Polish heritage and continued to develop his own unique style of painting. Following the family's move to Perth in the mid 1980's, Henryk joined International Art Centre in 1993. Appreciation of his work soon extended well beyond Australasia with exhibitions and consistent sales worldwide.

Szydlowski stands alone as a European born Fantasy Surrealist of the Southern Hemisphere. An artist who 'closes the gap' whilst retaining the magic of early influences from artists such as Klee and Kandinsky. A master of line, form, colour and composition, Szydlowski's use of gold and silver metallic foils adds a sense of contemporary opulence to each canvas. A sprinkling of symbols from the artist's own pictorial code adds both mystery and clarity to each poetically titled work. This latest collection of paintings are by those of an artist at his zenith, the culmination of decades of committed creativity. Each painting is a timely reminder that there is joy to be had in the contemplation of an extraordinary work of art - Frances Davies

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