Swooning - Oil on canvas - 60 x 75 cm - $6,250
Swooning - Oil on canvas - 60 x 75 cm - $6,250

Gabryel Harrison - Four Seasons

16 - 30 August

What a delight to have the gallery hung with the divine works of Gabryel Harrison. Here we see a collection of paintings by an artist who excels in channelling beauty. This gift, anchored by a formal arts training, complemented by skills honed and polished in the international arena of the art world, are the alchemy of this memorable exhibition. In an age where graphic imagery assaults, what a welcome change to be embraced by a worthy work of art. Here we see a collection of paintings worthy of contemplation, worthy of admiration, worthy of acquisition.

Born in Tauranga, Gabryel lives and works in British Columbia, Canada, this exhibition comes to us direct from her Vancouver studio. Through the use of translucent layers of oil paint, uniquely highlighted and accented, Gabryel brings a contemporary energy to the genre of floral painting. These paintings, taking nature as their queue capture, celebrate and commemorate the transition of time in the natural world. They invite visual immersion in the effervescent of beauty.

Frances Davies - Director

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