Rangitikei Dawning Acrylic on canvas  100 x 150 cm $9,850
Rangitikei Dawning Acrylic on canvas 100 x 150 cm $9,850

Masters Exhibition 14 - 25 June

Master artists Brian Dahlberg and Lance O'Gorman join forces to create an artistic tour de force unseen in recent times. Masters is an exhibition of excellence featuring two of New Zealand's leading artists, working in the world's best selling genre of landscape.

Drawing upon a combined total of over six decades as professional artists, O'Gorman and Dahlberg offer fresh perspectives on God's Own. As the world turns ever more rapidly to tunes of change and commerce, the power and peace afforded by New Zealand's southern skies, bush-clad hills and hidden natural gems becomes increasingly precious.

The remarkable talents of Dahlberg and O'Gorman take the viewer on a transformative journey, one that may be enjoyed daily through the contemplation of these modern day masterpieces of contemporary New Zealand landscape.

Frances Davies - Director

Exhibitions Calendar

Masters - Lance O'Gorman & Brian Dahlberg - 14 - 25 June

Les Femmes - Paul Coney, Carlo Mirabasso, Patterson Parkin, Philip Holmes, Eugenea, Jasmine Middlebrook, Franco Anselmi - 23 July - 7 August

Four Seasons - Gabriel Harrison Solo Show - 16 - 30 August

Artists Studio Sale - 1 - 10 October

Two Worlds - Simon Williams Solo Show - 8 - 22 November

Artist Salon - Invited Artists - 1 December - January