Geisha Blossoms
Oil on canvas
60 x 46 cm
Relative Size: Geisha Blossoms
Relative size

Eugenea's Geisha Blossoms is a fine example of the artist's transcendent ability to portray beauty. Here we have two young geishas, one holds a parasol and a musical instrument, the other a softly glowing golden lamp which warms and illuminates the canvas. Complimentary blues and golds are the colours of the silken kimonos worn by the geishas. From a backdrop of lilac and silvered tones a temple building and sheltering tree reveal themselves.

Eugenea was born in Rostov-on-Don in Southern Russia, the daughter of renowned painter Boris Belmasov. She was the youngest student in thirty years to be accepted by Moscow's V.I.Surikov Academy of Art, graduating after six years of extensive training. Whatever her choice of subject, the work of this artist is readily identifiable. Eugenea often contrasts impasto - the thick application of oil paint - with finely painted skin tones - all to great and memorable effect.