Bruce Treloar
Pandanus Weaving
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 150 cm
Relative Size: Pandanus Weaving
Relative size

Two impressive large scale works from the studio of New Zealand artist, Bruce Treloar comprise his latest series, Reflections of Rarotonga. These paintings are a visual collation of the artist's thoughts and memories of extensive travels throughout the Pacific. One of the works depicts the unique island art-form of creating treasured hand-sewn quilts or tivaevae. This particular art-form flourishes in the Cook Islands and has become a dominant expression of light-love-life within the family and broader community. It may have been introduced some time after 1827 when the first European missionaries arrived. The second work is about the gathering and weaving of the locally grown Pandanus plant. Much use is made of the leaves which are woven into baskets, mats, hats and even boat sails.