24. George Rickey American 1907 - 2002
Three Lines Up III
Staineless steel sculpture, edition 1/3
99.1 x 8.9 cm
Signed & dated 1989
est. $30,000 - 50,000
Fetched $52,500
Relative Size: Three Lines Up III
Relative size

Indiana born George Rickey added time and motion to his sculpture. His kinetic sculptures are in motion around the world, activated by indoor air currents or powered, outdoors, by the whim of the wind. In their silent, graceful movements his hypnotic sculptures reveal the play of natural forces - such as gravity and wind - upon works of art that have carefully considered physics to control the time and limits of their movements. They are, indeed, poetry in motion: once elegiac totems to the passage of time; now also markers of time their maker passed in our midst.

His work can be found in many American and international public institutions including the Indiana University Art Museum. In New Zealand there are two major works in the Gibbs Farm Collection Two Rectangles, Vertical Gyratory Up (V) and Column of Four Squares Eccentric Gyratory (III).

Sally acquired this work in Los Angeles c. 1990.