Anselmi Italia 2010

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Anselmi Italia 2010

18 - 31 March

The magic continues as we warmly welcome principal artist Franco Anselmi direct from Italy. Anselmi Italia is an exhibition of excellence featuring over seventy exciting new works by Franco Anselmi and Italian based artists Paolo Canetti, Raimondo Roberti, Maria Serafina, Eros Rumour and Carlo Mirabasso. For the first time since its inception, this bi-annual event has been extended to include works of Italian themes and scenes from a uniquely antipodean perspective. Acclaimed New Zealand portraitist Philip Holmes, watercolourist Ted Sherwen and Australia's Kasey Sealy join with their Italian colleagues in a strengthening of the creative bonds between our two lands. The mystical works of Eugenea gift an alchemy of their own.

From the traditional Venetian oils of Eros Rumor to Carlo Mirabasso's pictorial panels, sprinkled with joyful symbols and Renaissance architecture, this rich array of talents will impress, uplift and delight.

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