Fleurs 2011

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Fleurs 2011

What could be more joyful than an exhibition celebrating one of Mother Natures' greatest gifts, flowers. Floral abundance has long been a theme beloved by artists. Ancient civilizations used floral motifs as adornment. Floral symbolism played an important part in early religious art, whilst by the 1400's Northern European artists were refining the genre of still life painting. Today, works by Patricia Payne and Marietta embody these historical artistic traditions.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome Canadian based Gabryel Harrison to International Art Centre. Born in Tauranga, Gabryel completed her Fine Arts Degree at the University of Ottawa in 1980 and has since painted and exhibited in Vancouver.

The fine portraiture of Philip Holmes and unique talents of Eugenea result in works of outstanding quality complimented by the luminous watercolours of Ted Sherwen.
Paul Coney's magnificent large scale oil paintings were the initial inspiration for this exhibition and his new offerings are remarkable.

The late Belgium born Impressionist Gaston de Vel contributed a great deal to the New Zealand art scene, so it is of special note that this exhibition showcases Gaston's exuberant florals. A delightful small oil by John Weeks and a larger work by Peter McIntyre also feature, along with works by Italian artists Paolo Canetti and Maria Serafina.

Melbourne based artist Tracy Ellerton infuses her canvases with contemporary edginess. Peony roses crown and cloak her animal subjects as they engage, entertain and delight the viewer.

In closing, I wish to extend sincere thanks to these gifted and artists and the wonderful International Art Centre team who have so ably assisted with curating this special exhibition. As we celebrate 40 fabulous years in business warmest wishes and thanks to you, our valued friends and clients.

Frances Davies - Director