Lawrence Leitch - New Zealand 2010

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Lawrence Leitch - New Zealand 2010

The paintings of Lawrence Leitch whisper New Zealand. Born 1958 the young Leitch attended Wellington Polytechnic School of Design. In the early 1980s he lived and worked in the United States. On his return, Leitch began a career as a full time artist and in 1995 won a gold medal in the Pride of Print awards. His last solo exhibition held July 2004 in Auckland, was a complete sell out.

Working in extreme detail Leitch has perfected a very personal technique. His finely glazed acrylics retain many of the subtle qualities so admired In his earlier watercolors

This long awaited exhibition showcases an impressive collection of acclaimed New Zealand landscapes. As always the skill and alchemy of Leitch's work awakes in the viewer a sense of awe and affinity. Weather it be the southern winds of change, buffeting an old farm building, or red pohutakawa blossoms floating on a blue tide, these paintings speak the language of New Zealand.

Frances Davies - Director

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