At Home and Abroad

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At Home and Abroad

Lance O'Gorman

26 October - 4 November 2001

International Art Centre has pleasure in presenting Lance O'Gorman's latest collection of paintings from home and abroad. Clients will enjoy the artist's wide interpretation of subjects coupled with imaginative use of colour and composition.

Images are depicted in styles ranging from representative through to impressionistic and stylised - all distinctively O'Gorman.

Lance says - Much of my work is play and experimentation with brush and pigment, developing new palettes, colour tones and using the paint brush to simplify more complex elements. I am always looking for impact, traditional or abstract but at the same time allowing my feelings to spring forth as soon as the brush hits the canvas.

In many instances the painting, as it evolves, defines the style, colour and technique. This is the excitement of art and the absolute freedom of expression. In a strange sort of way each painting becomes its own unique entity but also provides another lesson for a further work. Painting for me is a revolving and evolving process, it's like a spiral with no beginning and no end, it just gets more exciting.

This outstanding collection of paintings is the result of two years work by the artist following his travels to Europe and Australia. A brilliant offering with wide appeal.

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