Henryk Szydlowski - Christchurch

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Henryk Szydlowski - Christchurch

Henryk Szydlowski

Opening 6.30pm Friday 28 September 2001 at
George Hotel on Park Terrace Christchurch

On view 10am - 6pm Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September

Telephone number during exhibition +64 25 751-071 All other enquiries call toll free 0800 800 322 or +64 9 379-4010

Auckland's International Art Centre welcomes Christchurch to an exciting exhibition of 26 new oil paintings on canvas by internationally acclaimed credo artist Henryk Szydlowski.

The hallmark of Henryk's work is the vivid colour he employs as an integral component of design. He visualises himself as a painter of symbols and poetry, harmony and composition, strong colour, simplicity and finesse. In his works the viewer will find a warehouse of emotions expressed by an artist who poetically feels the state of the human condition. His unique style will stand the test of time.

This is the first time in an enormous art career that the works of this celebrated painter are shown in the South Island as a solo exhibition. We trust you will enjoy this unique exhibition experience.

Works can be purchased on-line, prices include GST and all measurments are centimetres. For international delivery please contact us before purchasing so we can quote packaging and delivery costs.

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