Our Beloved Land

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Our Beloved Land

What a rare gift it is, to capture and convey 'a slice of heaven on earth' through an arrangement of brilliantly placed brushstrokes. To transform a blank canvas into an exceptional work of art endowed with the ability to transport the viewer through time and space to the green, green grass of home and beyond. The value and benefits of a special work of art are immeasurable and there is no doubt that certain paintings 'speak' to us on many levels. The paintings featured in this collection, both large and small speak volumes.

For over 30 years Dunedin born Simon Williams has painted 'what I see and feel', working in England, Australia, the United States, Italy and especially New Zealand. His paintings are enjoyed by an international clientele, many of whom are expats. These are paintings that 'fly the flag' in the best possible way, they are both touchstones and visual ambassadors for our country. From a Lucerne boardroom to an icon painter's studio on the Isle of Crete his paintings are hung and the word is spread.

"Our Beloved Land" is an exhibition par excellence. Over two year's of planning, travel, preparation and countless studio hours results in an extraordinary offering of paintings, both large and small. Here we see a freshness and refinement of technique with diverse subject matter from throughout the North and South Islands. The mustering and droving scenes remind us of New Zealand's rural foundation and future, whilst other works bring to life the vineyards of Central Otago and the Hawkes Bay. From a Coromandel sunrise to the sparking, sail dotted waters of the Waitemata this is an exhibition that gets to the 'heart of the matter' and celebrates our beloved land.

Frances Davies - Director

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