Winter Salon - Other Worlds 2009

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Winter Salon - Other Worlds 2009

Winter Salon - Other Worlds: August 6th - August 19

It is often said of artists that they march to the beat of a different drum and look at the world from a unique perspective. This year's Winter Salon - Other Worlds reflects that rhythm while lifting the curtain on a fabulous world awash with colour, imagination and magic. In this annual exhibition, seven invited artists link talents in a superb and varied offering of over sixty new works.

Much to our delight, this year's exhibition features several long awaited works by Russian born and trained artist Eugenea. Eugenea's paintings transport the viewer to another world, one of mystery, opulence and outstanding beauty. We welcome the large scale floral oil paintings of Paul Coney, the whimsical modern day frescoes of Italy's Franco Anselmi, the rich mana of heritage subjects by contemporary Maori artist Darcy Nicholas along with Patricia Payne's exquisite and delightful New Zealand Icon series. James Watkins, our youngest gallery artist, unveils a series of works which reference the earlier Red Roof paintings while introducing a dramatic new palette. All this, with the welcome addition of the uniquely fine portraits of Philip Holmes do indeed create Another World.

Frances Davies - Director