Winter Salon

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Winter Salon

Our Winter Salon unfolds as a rich tapestry of talent and colour. Against nature's backdrop of grey skies this outstanding collection is guaranteed to brighten the outlook and lift the spirits. Art inspires, and never-more-so than this year's Winter Salon. We invite you to view and enjoy over 85 exclusive new works from leading professional artists, both here and abroad.

Recently introduced to the New Zealand market, the work of young Spanish artist Alberto Serrano continues to meet with resounding worldwide success. A graduate of Madrid's School of Fine Arts, Alberto paints from a fresh perspective coupled with a skill beyond his years. International Art Centre are delighted to have been appointed Alberto Seranno's Australasian representative. British sculptor Mike Norris was in Wellington recently to cast long await limited editions of the Tui, Saddleback and Kingfisher. A fabulous new series, Illuminations by Assisi based master, Carlo Mirabasso both contrast and compliment the outstanding work of our leading New Zealand artists. Winter Salon showcases a galaxy of singular works by artists of extraordinary talent.

Frances Davies - Director

Winter Salon - A Rich Tapestry Of Talent