Judy Drew
Oriental Green Vase & Gerberas
Pastel on textured paper
58 x 46 cm
Relative Size: Oriental Green Vase & Gerberas
Relative size

This work is a composite of beautiful pieces I have collected, borrowed or observed. The delicate bamboo spokes of the umbrella help create a dramatic backdrop for the composition and I thought complimented the old green oriental vase. A piece of Japanese fabric from my own collection became a decorative yet contemporary element and I felt contrasted well with the simple bowl of lemon and Mandarines. The use of the complimentary colours (vivid red in the Gerberas and mid green of the paper umbrella) to me helped to create a vibration, accentuating the beauty in both. The persimmons again reflect the vivid red of the flowers. This work is seeking to find the beauty found in shapes and complimentary colours within a dramatic composition - Judy Drew