Christine Webb
View of Nice, Matisse's Studio
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40 cm
Relative Size: View of Nice, Matisse's Studio
Relative size

The Matisse Series, a vibrant collection of small oil paintings by Sydney based artist Christine Webb, was inspired in part by works viewed at the NGA's Matisse & Picasso exhibition held in Canberra in 2020. Christine had previously spent time in Nice, and was well acquainted with both Matisse's work and the ever-changing view from his studio window at the Hotel Regina. Matisse had been drawn to Nice in 1921 by the beauty and luminous light of the Cote d'Azur, he lived there for over thirty years until his death in 1954.

Of her Matisse Series, Christine Webb says; There are elements of his work that have given many of us ways of seeing our environments. Drawing upon black and white photos of his studio I've reinterpreted this. These paintings pleasingly capture small domestic details of the artist's life, from a collection of thriving houseplants, to his mandolin and sleeping cat. Rich in colour and decorative detail the Matisse Series is a welcome breath of warm Cote d'Azure air.