An artist and his work, Kasey Sealy

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An artist and his work, Kasey Sealy

These photos show NSW based Kasey Sealy work in progress at Sydney harbour, NSW and photos from a recent trip to Europe together with some images of completed paintings.

In a recent interview with Australian Artist magazine Kasey was asked to discuss the key points of his style. He answered that he aims to begin each work with a great composition and then leaves the light to pull the strings. It makes the subject jump out at me and it dictates the atmosphere and mood I will create using colour. One of Kasey's strongest beliefs is the importance of creating art for the joy of painting. For him, art comes from the heart, not only the head. This verbal statement is echoed in the visual harmony of his paintings.

In 1993 'The Art of Kasey Sealy - Light and Atmosphere' was published. This volume featured fifty five selected original charcoal drawings and oil paintings.

Kasey has exhibited exclusively with International Art Centre in New Zealand since 2004

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