68. Hendrik Kersten Dutch (b.1956)
Bag, 2007
Chromogenic print, flush-mounted to aluminum
35 x 28 cm
Signed verso & dated 12 Dec 2008
est. $15,000 - 20,000
Relative Size: Bag, 2007
Relative size

PROVENANCE Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam

Since 1995 Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens has photographed his daughter, Paula. A number of these portraits are inspired by the masterpieces of Johannes Vermeer.

Conceptually, Kerstens' photographs play with the dialog between the mediums of painting and photography. As Kerstens recalls, One day Paula came back from horseback riding. She took off her cap and I was struck by the image of her hair held together by a hair-net. It reminded me of the portraits by the Dutch masters and I portrayed her in that fashion. After that I started to do more portraits in which I refer to the paintings of that era.