Cubist 4 Exhibition

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Cubist 4 Exhibition

Cubist 4 | 24 March - 12 April 2021

Cubism : A revolutionary style of painting pioneered by Picasso and Braque at the beginning of the twentieth century. Cubism sees single point linear perspective give way to multiple viewpoints within the picture plane and subject matter reduced to geometric shapes, cubes and facets.

Artists have long been inspired to capture the beauty of our land, so endowed with geographical contrast. In this exhibition it is refreshing to see the New Zealand landscape painted from a cubist perspective whilst retaining the essence of the unique subject matter. These works are adventures for the eyes. Land, sea, sky, shape, pattern and texture. Paintings rendered as tapestries of colour and prisms of light.

This collection boldly embraces the sharp light and multifaceted landforms of Aotearoa with modernity, clarity and courage. Invited artists combine their talents in a cubist tour de force, creating an exhibition of originality and innovation. It is with pleasure that we commence our 50th year in Parnell with this Cubist 4 Exhibition.

Frances Davies - Director