Les Femmes Exhibition

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Les Femmes Exhibition

Invited international and local artists collaborate in the creation of works of art celebrating the harmonious yin and yang of life. From a somewhat softer perspective this exhibition focuses on the feminine form and complimentary subjects culminating in an offering of great variety, interest and upliftment.

The curtain is raised on a small signature series of timelessly beautiful ballerina paintings, as Eugenea draws upon her Russian heritage and years of study at Moscow's Surikov Art Institute. From across the Tasman comes Christine Webb's vibrant Matisse Series.

A well researched collection inspired by the changing views from Matisse's balcony in Nice, the backdrop for many of his odalisque masterpieces. Echoes of Belle Epoch elegance are embodied in the outstanding still life and figurative studies of Australasia's leading pastel artist, Judy Drew.

As always, our New Zealand artists spread their wings and soar as witnessed in the unique, contemporary works of Jasmine Middlebrook and Patterson Parkin. Pleasingly the realm of nature, redolent with birdsong and blossom is honoured by Frances Van Dammen and expatriate painter, Nicola Marshall. Virtual visits from her Wyoming studio to the familiar sanctuary of New Zealand's native forests inspire her work.

With a changing of the seasons, this is an exhibition embracing optimism, joy and beauty; powerful forces channelled and celebrated in the ecstatic, arms-wide-open to life, bronzes of William Peters.

Frances Davies - Director