Patricia Payne
A Greetings of Grey Hounds
Acrylic on paper
30 x 50 cm
Relative Size: A Greetings of Grey Hounds
Relative size

I daily take my much loved fox terrier to a large Council park where dogs are able to run freely and safely on the grassy area. In doing this over the past five years I have learned to come in contact with many breeds of dog I have not known about previously. One such dog is the greyhound......a quiet and beautiful breed that have often been over raced and alas,abandoned, when they become older...and not able to win races. My nextdoor neighbour has the.job of seeking out such dogs...and finding loving new owners for these animals These dogs have been owned by ruling monarchs for hundreds of years. One such early English monarch was sufficiently proud.of his two best

hunting and racing greyhounds as to have their two collars completely studded all over with rubies......I love mirror images, hence my purposely having the two hounds facing each 0ther. We planted a fig our garden twenty years ago...hence the foliage in my painting acting as a background to the two dogs As I could not afford rubies ...I painted greyhounds with embossed gold...and gave them simple studded collars