Patricia Payne
Medieval Cabbage Harvester
Oil & Gold Leaf on paper
20.5 x 25.5 cm
Relative Size: Medieval Cabbage Harvester
Relative size

"Here I have created a harvest scene set in Northern Italy. The red cabbage, or colewort was a mainstay of the medieval diet and in this work the leaves are gathered and carried in the traditional way. My red-stockinged harvester is accompanied by his trusty dog. Wherever possible, I add animals in country scenes such as this. Besides my red collared dog we have a rabbit and hare foraging for food and two birds finding refuge for the night in the protective tree foliage I purposely used a limited spectrum of colours to suggest an evening light. The use of gold-leaf alludes to the setting of the sun. My varied plants in the foreground add interest, without being too intrusive." Patricia Payne