Mirabasso's Le Donne Series - New Works Mon, 15 Apr 2024

Desiderio Acrylic on panel  30 x 30 cm $2,250
Desiderio Acrylic on panel 30 x 30 cm $2,250

Three newly arrived works from Mirabasso's Le Donne Series are currently on view in the gallery along with a wonderful offering of ceramics. Two of these finely-painted, nudes employ a softer, more restrained palette than earlier works. The third work, Desiderio positions it central figure beneath a inverted triangle of goldleaf adding a sense of glamour and mystery. All three paintings, along with contain small symbols of fun and frivolity associated with Mirabasso's Italian sense of style.

Carlo Mirabasso was born in 1959 in Tivoli, Rome. In 1979 he received his diploma for studies in art and as a young graduate in the 1980's he worked in the field of advertising design and illustration. In the early 1990's Carlo began painting his first metaphysical compositions on traditional wooden panels, perfecting a unique personal, pictorial style. Since 1996 he has worked as a professional artist creating both paintings and ceramics. Carlo lives and works in a small Umbrian village close to Assisi, which in itself is the source of much inspiration.

Nostalgia Acrylic on panel  30 x 30 cm $2,250
Nostalgia Acrylic on panel 30 x 30 cm $2,250