Kasey Sealy - Impressionist Master Fri, 29 Mar 2019

Morning Light, Sydney Harbour Oil on canvas  92 x 182 cm $15,000
Morning Light, Sydney Harbour Oil on canvas 92 x 182 cm $15,000

"My work is a direct influence of the impressionist style of painting. It requires hand-eye co-ordination to capture both the subject and the subtleties of mood, light and atmosphere." Kasey Sealy

The art and life of leading Australian impressionist, Kasey Sealy spans both hemispheres. For the most part, the paintings currently displayed were painted during time spent in a small Tuscan hilltop village, beyond the tourist trail. It is here that Kasey paints and hosts well-attended tutorials for artists from around the world. This latest Italian Series of works includes a small selection of outstanding paintings of Venice. Working plein air the artist captures the tones, tides and timelessness of the Serene Republic.

At the gallery's request Kasey has created a major work of Sydney Harbour. From the vantage point of Balgowla Heights the viewer stands amongst banksia trees and waratah bushes, home to the galah and two resident magpies shown in the painting. A sweep of blue sea, with white sails dotted, leads the viewer to Middle Head, to the left of which lies the entrance to Sydney Harbour. - Frances Davies

Kasey Sealy Painting In Venice
Kasey Sealy Painting In Venice