Introducing... Timon Maxey Tue, 26 May 2020

Timon is currently working on an exciting series paintings for the OUR NEW ZEALAND exhibition

Timon Maxey creates fractionalist New Zealand landscape paintings rendered distinctively in rich, tasteful colours. His work is exhibited in New Zealand - International Art Centre, London and Dubai. Timon is published as one of New Zealand's favourite artists. Fascinations with maps, physical geography and rivers are strong influences in his work.

"My passion for rivers, geography, landforms and maps are interests combined and conveyed in my paintings"

The unique landscapes of London born Timon Maxey draw upon his formal training in graphic art, a degree in geography from Victoria University and a well-founded awareness and appreciation of Our New Zealand landscape.

With its echoes of cubism and use of complementary blues and oranges, Kawarau - Bringer of Leaves is a painting which both welcomes and captivates the viewer.