The Fletcher Trust Sale - An Extraordinary Result! Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Just ten days out from a general election you could be forgiven to expect a mixed results when seventy seven works were offered for sale from one of New Zealand's largest private collections. It was not the case, the sale attracted a large number of buyers, collectors, dealers and interested parties resulting in a 93% selling rate, several new records and competitive bidding.

Raymond McIntyre's 'Self Portrait' attracted the most attention when it was presented under the hammer. Estimate at $40,000 - 60,000, the 61 x 51cm portrait fetched a hammer price of $88,000, taking its sale total to $103,000 including premium - comfortably nearly doubling the previous auction record for the artist. The work was purchased by a private buyer who outbid a major New Zealand institution. Works by the artist rarely appear at auction, with the two most recent sales also at International Art Centre - In April this year two works titled 'Lady in a Black Hat' and the more intimate 'Bois De Boulogne' made $47,000 and $27,000 respectively.

The records didn't stop there. A small but lovely still life by Rhona Haszard fetched a record $28,000. Painted in 1922 when the artist was just 21, StillLife: Magnolias exceed it's top estimate by $8,000. It too went to a private collector after institutional interest.

Michael Smithers 'Hills of Tongaporutu' fetched $74,000, well beyond it's $45,000 - 65,000 estimate. Pat Hanly's 'Torso G' made the top end of it's estimate at $45,000 after some competitive bidding. Clairmonts 'Still Life With Jug And Paint Brushes, 1977' made middle estimate of $35,000 and Gordon Walters 'Untitled' sold for $22,500.

Whilst the collection was made up for the most part in 20th Century Moderns, the historical works in the collection attracted similar attention. Alfred Sharpes 'Taupiri Gorge From The Kupukupa Coal Mines' went for $26,500, all the John Kinders went to the top end of their estimates and beyond and a John Barr Clarke Hoyte 'The Golden Crown Stamper Battery, Golden Crown Street, Thames' estimate at $15,000 - 25,000 was knocked down at $27,500.

Works by the late Ian Scott fared well with all four Lattice's fetching top estimate or higher. The small acrylic on papers, Lots 1 & 2 went for $3,750 & $4,000 and the larger acrylic on canvas went for $8,500. A miniature made top end of estimate $1,500. In the minimalist abstracts, Geoff Thornleys work attracted interest with $9,000 for 'Untitled No. 2', $5,500 each for 'Stupa 21' and 'Untitled'.

A small Patricia France 'The Jug & Flowers' sold for $5,300, the two Maud Sherwoods made $4,400 and $4,000 respectively.

Gretchen Albrechts 'Duality' exceeded estimate at $10,250 and 'Untitled Black and Red Cloud Bands' went for $16,000. Nigel Browns 'Wall of Ferns for an Axeman' sold for $11,000.

A record price was also achieved for May Smith, $3,100 after a tense bidding duel and the last lot by T A McCormack made $2,500 against it's $1,000 - 1,500 estimate.

Post auction sales included the large early Stephen Bambury at $15,000 and the Sydney Thompsn Concarneau at $15,000

In the end 94% of the offering sold with a sale total exceeding $800,000. The buyers, the Fletcher Trust and International Art Centre all walked away very pleased with the result.