Seasons Greetings - The Auction Year in Review Mon, 21 Dec 2020

Banksy Laugh Now realised $130,000 plus bp
Banksy Laugh Now realised $130,000 plus bp

Art has long provided a myriad of benefits; inspiration, investment and enjoyment to name but a few. In 2020, the viewing and acquisition of an admired work of art provided both visual shelter from the storm and a silver lining for art lovers and investors alike. Recognising that within every challenge lies opportunity, the early implementation of our own App and online Bidding Platform was met with confidence and action by buyers and sellers alike. With the achievement of New Zealand's highest sale total of the year, ($3.6 million November) and the highest single price of the year, ($546,000 for a 1920's portrait by Charles F Goldie, August) 2020 has proved to one of the most memorable of our 50 years. With six live auctions and six online only auctions, record prices were attained in all genres and International Art Centre's strengthening position in the Contemporary New Zealand art market was clearly evident. For the second consecutive year, the highest price for a work by a living artist, (Michael Smither's Still Life with Green Plastic Plate, $216,210 November) was achieved on the floor of our Parnell premises. Headlines were made and excitement engendered by the sale of works by elusive British street artist Banksy. Interest from around the globe saw numerous records achieved for his screen prints as Banksy sales at International Art Centre since June, totalled $1.7 million. Banksy is truly a global phenomenon, the most sought after artist of his generation.

Graham Sydney Rock of Ages realised $140,000 plus bp
Graham Sydney Rock of Ages realised $140,000 plus bp

Charles F Goldie Memories - realised $546,540 | August 2020
Charles F Goldie Harieta Huirua, 1921 - realised $516,537 | November 2020
Banksy Love is in the Air, 2003 - realised $306,318 | November 2020
Charles F Goldie Tumai Tawhiti - realised $306,318 | November 2020
Michael Smither Still Life with Plastic Plate - realised $216,210 | November 2020
Philip Clairmont Still Life - realised $180,180 | May 2020
Charles Blomfield White Terraces, 1885 | $174,170 | November 2020
Grahame Sydney Rock of Ages - realised $168,000 | May 2020
Banksy Laugh Now - realised $156,150 | November 2020
Banksy Soup Can - realised $144,140 | August 2020
Michael Smither Lovers, Dolphin and Yellow Ball realised $132,130 | August 2020
Charles F Goldie Harata Rewiri Tarapata realised $132,130 | August 2020
Colin McCahon Top of the Cliff, Muriwai realised $132,130 | August 2020