Alberto Serrano - La Serenissima Wed, 16 Aug 2023

True to form, brilliant Madrid based artist, Albert Rodriguez Serrano creates a contemporary masterpiece of Venice. Whilst exhibiting in Padua Alberto lived and worked in Venice and often revisits La Serenissima. In this work, Santa Maria della Salute is illuminated by a chrome-yellow Turneresque dawn set against a sky, the colour of crushed pearls. To the right of the painting, the Doges Palace is flanked by the 1887 equestrian bronze statue of King Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of the united Kingdom of Italy. The viewer stands on the rain drenched Riva degli Schiavoni lookingout to the Grand Canal and the San Zaccaria vaporetto pontoon. The foreground is captured in heavily textured, thickly impasto brushstrokes.