Alberto Rodriguez Serrano

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About Alberto Rodriguez Serrano

Alberto Rodriguez Serrano - born Madrid, 1988. After graduating as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Madrid's School of Fine Arts, Serrano lived, worked and exhibited in Florence and Venice. In Northern Italy he met with leading Veneto dealer Fabio Anselmi who opened the door to international exhibitions in Milan, Monaco and Miami. At a recent gallery viewing in Madrid, Baroness von Thyseen purchased one of Serrano's works for her private collection. A great honour for such a young artist to be included in this, one of the world's most major collections.

At 28 years of age Serrano paints like a master. His subject matter is varied, contemporary and innovative. Graduating with a sound knowledge of art history and having been schooled in the European traditions of drawing and painting, Serrano builds on a sound foundation of skills. His works are original and very much of the 21st century. Serrano is represented in the Southern Hemisphere by International Art Centre.