Alberto Rodriguez Serrano

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About Alberto Rodriguez Serrano

Alberto Rodriguez Serrano - born Madrid, 1988.

An artist of exceptional talent, Alberto Serrano is a graduate of Madrid's University of Fine Arts. Well-schooled in traditional artistic techniques and European art history, Serrano creates from a sound foundational skill base. His subject matter is varied, contemporary and innovative, enriched by an awareness of the past whilst very much of the 21st century.

For a time Alberto lived and painted in Venice, exhibiting both there and in Padua and Florence. His renditions of the Serene Republic are memorable and sought-after. Alberto's work was introduced to a receptive New Zealand market in 2017. In 2023 A highly successful three month solo exhibition was held at the prestigious Casa de Vacas in Madrid. His paintings are held in the collections of the Vatican and Baroness Carmen Thyssen, one of the most important private collection in the world.