Paolo Canetti

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About Paolo Canetti

Paolo Canetti was born in Milan, 1940 to a family of artists. In his early years he was a member of the Group of Ten, a fellowship of young Milanese artists. His first exhibition was held at the Isola Gallery and later he exhibited at Milan's Gallery Cannocchiale. Canetti spent many years travelling and exhibiting throughout Italy, painting in Sicily, Puglia, the Lingurian Coast and Tuscany.

Canetti's paintings are often of rural landscapes featuring agricultural workers, flower-gatherers, harvesters, fishermen and shopkeepers. Elements of cubism sometimes feature in his distinctive figurative and still life paintings creating added interest to these appealing works. Canetti works in a distinctive palette of uplifting colour toned to create a softer, chalky effect. For over 20 years he has been represented exclusively in the Southern hemisphere by International Art Centre.