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About Timon Maxey

"I have a passion for rivers, geography, landforms and maps, so not surprisingly these interests are conveyed in my paintings of our unique New Zealand landscape. Since moving from Wellington to Whanganui, I've enjoyed painting the local scenery, often focusing on the Whanganui and Rangitikei Rivers."

Born in London in 1966 to Kiwi parents on their OE, Maxey was named by his English-teacher father after the title character of a Shakespearian play, Timon of Athens. Growing up in New Zealand, the young Timon drew and painted from an early age, greatly encouraged by his mother who taught art.

After leaving school Timon went on to gain a degree in geography at Victoria University. The decision to purse a career in graphic art and design saw him complete an Auckland based design course attaining a Certificate in Production Graphics and Design, 1991 and an Advanced Certificate in Multimedia from NCMT, Wellington, 2000. The strong compositional skills and structured harmony so evident in Timon's contemporary landscapes owes much to this sound, foundational training.

A keen kayaker and tramper, Timon gains inspiration for his artworks during these expeditions: Art and kayaking aren't natural bedfellows, he says, but being obsessed with both, it seems natural to combine them. Maxey was the kayaking double for the character of Aragorn in Peter Jackson's epic film, Lord of the Rings. A further interesting chapter in a life lived creatively.

Nationwide exhibitions resulted in a growing interest in Timon's work along with increased public acknowledgement. In 1998 he was a finalist in the Wellington Telecom Art Awards and in 2001 a finalist in the Wairarapa Telecom Art Awards. His work featured in Denis Robinson's 2008 publication of New Zealand's Favourite Artists, and a 2010 article in North & South magazine. His paintings have been exhibited at Art Attack Gallery in Dubai and featured in a travelling group show in London. Over the last decade Timon has completed many large commissions for both international and local clients. His works were a well-received feature of International Art Centre's Our New Zealand Exhibition in 2020. Timon Maxey creates contemporary, cubist landscapes of New Zealand from a fresh perspective.