James Watkins

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About James Watkins

James Watkins is one of New Zealand's most successful young artists. Since leaving Elam School of Art in 2005 he has been represented exclusively by International Art Centre. During the last 13 years his works have been acquired and commissioned by clients and collectors worldwide and James has aptly been christened an 'art star'.

Both large and small scale works, including his unique ceramic sphere, feature the trademark Watkins' Red Roof/Blue Roof Series of contemporary landscape. These works are set against a palette of widely varying back drops, from blue skies to swirling atmospherics. Of this series James says: I am particularly interested in the simple architectural structures of older buildings along with the universal symbol of home. Early and on-going inspiration comes from the works of Edward Hopper and Colin McCahon. International Art Centre, along with a loyal client base avidly wait to see 'what comes next' from the Watkins' imagination and talent. It's bound to be good.

Frances Davies - Director

James Watkins | Solo Exhibition | Cubism | 11 April 2019

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