James Watkins

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About James Watkins

James Watkins born 1985, is International Art Centre's youngest artist and has been with the gallery for twelve years since studying at Elam School of Fine Arts. During this time, he has developed a unique discernment and appreciation of quality in art while evolving his own distinctive artistic style. Perhaps as a consequence of this unusual duality of being an artist who also works in a fine arts gallery, James' occasional exhibitions are invariably well received.

His works feature richly illuminated landscapes sometimes portrayed under the blue skies of summer, but often reflecting a dramatic atmosphere of their own. Speaking of his work the artist says: "My paintings represent an interest in traditional images of isolated homes in remote, sparsely populated landscapes. To me, they speak of a New Zealand that in many ways is a passing reality in this electronic age. I am particularly interested in the simple architectural structures of older buildings along with the universal symbol of home."

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