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About Eros Rumor

A lifetime working as a professional painter shows in the quality of work by senior Venetian artist Eros Rumor. During the early 1950's Rumor completed his studies in Venice and Milan. As a young artist he became involved in the Nuova Figuazione (New Image) Movement. The member artists of this group sought to maintain traditional pictorial values while choosing subject matter of modern historical and social importance. During this time Rumor's work gained considerable acclaim and was well reviewed by the Italian press.

More recently he has looked to the past and from the late 1980's his work has been of Venice in here many moods and ever-changing lights. Rather than viewing this as regression, Rumor sees it as the cycle of a life times work turning full circle. The artist's use of light and shadow, his mastery of brushstrokes capturing the pale,crushed pearl light of La Seresnissima, the Serene Capital, all combine in these traditional European oil paintings.