Brian Dahlberg

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About Brian Dahlberg

The landscapes of New Zealand's foremost Regional Surrealist painter, Brian Dahlberg are unique. Dahlberg perceives and portrays his subject matter with an uncompromising clarity of line and mastery of colour. He creates paintings possessed of an elegant modernity. Movement and energy is sometimes introduced into scenes of stillness, by the artist's trademark textured skies and foregrounds. Dahlberg's fresh approach to the traditional genre of landscape has long made him one of New Zealand's leading artists.

Born in Ashburton in 1944, Louise Henderson was one of Dahlberg's early tutors. A lifetime of painting has seen numerous acknowledgements and awards. In December 2013, the long awaited solo exhibition, TE IKA A MAUI commemorated the artist's North Island journey. From the far north to our capital city of Wellington, Dahlberg captured landscapes, both rural and coastal along with natural and man-made landmarks. Constant demand for his work sees Dahlberg continuing to travel extensively throughout the North and South Islands, creating works for a worldwide clientele.