Brian Dahlberg

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About Brian Dahlberg

Born in Ashburton in 1944, Dame Louise Henderson was one of Dahlberg's teachers. Working for over forty years in a unique and readily identifiable personal style, Dahlberg retains his place as one of New Zealand's leading landscape painters. In December 2013, the long awaited solo exhibition , TE IKA A MAUI commemorated the artist's North Island Journey. From the far north to our capital city of Wellington, Dahlberg captured landscape, both rural and coastal along with natural and man-made landmarks. As expected the exhibition met with great success.

Artist's Statement:

"I like to drive, ride, and tramp the rural, coastal and remote parts of New Zealand, and my subjects are found on these excursions. A style that has been described as Regional Surrealism helps me to depict the colonial architecture, the agricultural subjects, and the mood I feel in many of these places. If my viewers can feel some of this too, I am happy."

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