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About Kasey Sealy

Acknowledged as a leading Australian impressionist by his peers, students and ever-increasing international clientele, Kasey Sealy has been painting professionally since 1980. Coming from a family of artists Kasey was born in the country town of Forbes, NSW. Once a regular lecturer at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst Kasey now gives tutorials from his Italian base in Tuscany, Lucignano or his Australian studio.

Kasey is a plein air painter, an artist well versed in the traditional techniques of working with oils. Techniques employed to great effect in his own works and generously shared with students of all ages.

"My work is a direct influence of the impressionist style of painting. It requires hand-eye co-ordination to capture both the subject and the subtleties of mood, light and atmosphere." - Kasey Sealy

Time Line:

1978 Began studying painting full-time at Sofala, NSW
1980 Commenced painting professionally.
1981 Solo exhibitions
1989 Guest lecturer at Charles Stuart College, Bathurst
1992 Awarded Camberwell Art Show 1st Prize Medal $10,000 prize money.
1993 'The Art of Kasey Sealy' published
1994 Elected Associate Member of the Royal Art Society of NSW.
1996 London Exhibition - Piano-Nobile Gallery
1996 'The Art of Kasey Sealy' published
1996 Further European travels and exhibitions throughout Europe
2002 London 'Olympia Art Fair' achieved record price of $18,000
2002 Exhibited Tom Roberts Gallery, Victoria
2004 Exhibition International Art Centre, Auckland
2006 America- Australia Association Commission.
2009 Awarded Camberwell Art Show 1st Prize Medal $20,000 prize money
2014 Awarded Camberwell Art Show 1st Prize Medal for a third time

Kasey Sealy