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About James Watkins

James Watkins has long been one of New Zealand's most successful artists. Since leaving Elam School of Art in 2005 he has been represented by International Art Centre. During the last 16 years his works have been acquired and commissioned by clients and collectors worldwide and James has aptly been christened an art star. Both large and small scale works often draw upon the foundation of his iconic Red Roof/Blue Roof Series of contemporary landscape.

In 2019 Watkins created a stunning new series of works confidently exploring the sophisticated realm of cubism. His solo exhibition in April of that year saw works sell as far afield as Germany, Florida and Bath. This latest collection of paintings saw Watkins transform a tapestry of brilliantly balanced, toned and shaded cubes of colour into stylish landscapes and still lifes. These paintings, so full of light and shade, are truly intriguing. By both retaining and refreshing the palette and essence of earlier works, Watkins constantly presents us with unique and original works of art.

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