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New Zealand artist James Watkins was born in 1985 in the North Island town of Hamilton. He attended St John's College, studying art with Jean Loomis before moving to Auckland in 2003 where he attended Elam School of Fine Arts. Since 2005 James has been represented by International Art Centre, www.internationalartcntre.co.nz and his work has sold to collectors and clients worldwide.

Raised in the rural North Island of New Zealand James found youthful inspiration in the works of Edward Hooper and Tamara de Lempicka. However it was not until many years later, that overseas travel afforded the opportunity to view works by these artists.

Speaking of his work the artist says: "My paintings represent an interest in traditional images of West Coast, New Zealand. A remote, sparsely populated region with empty homes, broken fence- lines and untamed landscapes. I aspire to make beautiful paintings which convey certain personal interpretations of the reality of our life in New Zealand and beyond. I'm particularly interested in the simple architectural structures of early New Zealand, such as the settlers' cottages along with the universal symbol of home, being a place of heart and hearth, belonging, happy memory and security".

In 2019 James created a stunning new series of works confidently exploring the sophisticated realm of cubism. His solo exhibition in April of that year resulted in further International sales. These paintings saw James transform a tapestry of brilliantly balanced, toned and shaded cubes of colour into stylish landscapes and still-lifes. These paintings, so full of light and shade, are truly intriguing. By both retaining and refreshing the palette and essence of earlier works, James constantly presents us with unique and original works of art.


2016 | Artist Salon - Group Show

2017 | Winter Salon - Group Show

2017 | Summer Salon - Group Show

2018 | Masters Exhibition - Group Show

2019 | Solo Exhibition - James Watkins 'Cubism'

2020 | Our New Zealand - Group Show

2021 | Cubism - Group Show

2022 | Icons of Auckland - Group Show

2022 | Cubist 5 - Group Show

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