Peggy Spicer

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About Peggy Spicer

Peggy was born in Parnell, Auckland in 1908. She was educated at Chilton St.James School, Lower Hutt and Diocesan School, Auckland. She later studied at Elam under John Weeks and Ida Eise. Her early employment was in the office of Wilson Moodie Architects where her grounding in draughtsmanship was learnt and is evident in all her studies, especially old buildings. She regularly exhibited with Auckland Society of Arts and the Auckland Fellowship of artists and in 1963 she had the distinction of receiving the prestigious Kelliher Art Prize.

With her mother Ella, an associate of Frances Hodgkins she travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and abroad painting and successfully exhibiting.

During her later years Peggy exhibited at International Art Centre. In 1989 an exhibtion was held in our gallery to sell off the remaining works from her studio.